What is Algae and What Can You Do About It?

Does your pool look less inviting because of the green mystery substance growing on the bottom? There’s a good chance that algae is blooming in your pool. Algae is a very common pool problem in Raleigh, and it’s usually easy to fix. Algae itself isn’t dangerous, but it can be the cause of harmful bacteria in your pool.

Common Types of Pool Algae

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Green algae: The most common and relatively easy to treat

Black algae: Can be very difficult to get rid of, especially in plastered pools

Yellow or mustard algae: Troublesome to treat, but also relatively susceptible to treatment

Pink algae: Not actually an algae, but a fungus called Paecilomyces lilacinus that causes slimy white, pink or gray colonies

How to Get Rid of Algae in Your Pool

Algae spores can bloom quickly in your pool, making it a nuisance to destroy. There are a few things you can do to clear your pool of algae:

  • Clean or backwash your filter regularly.
  • Brush and/or vacuum your pool every day if possible.
  • Add more chlorine if the levels fall below 5ppm.
  • Add an algaecide product specific to your type of algae.
  • Circulate the water around the clock.
  • Shock treat the pool. If you use chlorine, 10ppm free chlorine is suggested, which is 10 times the recommended minimum level.

Preventing Swimming Pool Algae

The best way to keep your pool rid of algae is to clean your pool daily. If your pool is not regularly cleaned, it’s easy for algae to take over — sometimes all it takes is a few hours in the sun to grow. Maintaining proper water balance and minimum sanitizer levels will make it difficult for algae spores to take hold. The minimum chlorine level should be 1.0ppm; if you use a mineral system, you may keep the free chlorine level at 0.5ppm or lower without the risk of developing an algae problem.

Have a Pool Algae Problem? Call Pool Specialists Today!

Because algae is visible in pools, it can take away from your pool area’s pleasing environment. Take control of your pool algae’s problem today with the help of Pool Specialists in Raleigh, NC. To inquire about the algaecides we offer, or to schedule a consultation,