Five Common Pool Repairs Done By Pool Specialists

Nothing puts a damper on a hot summer day like a broken pool, closed for repairs. Letting a pool problem go unrepaired can potentially cause damage to other parts of your pool system. Pool Specialists provides pool repair services for both commercial and residential pools. Our Raleigh Pool Technicians are prompt and efficient without letting the quality of our services suffer. Below are a few common problems that Pool Specialists address regularly:

1. Pool Leaks

Have you noticed the water levels in your pool going down faster than normal? Even small rips and tears in pool liners can make a big difference in water levels. Pool Technicians from Pool Specialists can detect and repair leaks, saving you from potential damage and higher water bills.

2. Pool Pumps

If your pool pump is losing prime, losing power, leaking water, sucking air or humming when you start it, it’s likely your pump needs to be replaced or repaired. Pool Specialists will come to your pool and diagnose your pump. We can replace the motor, basket or other pump parts, as well as install a brand new one.

3. Pool Water Heaters

First, check that your pool heater switch is indeed turned on and that the thermostat is turned to the proper temperature. If those immediate fixes are not the issue, it’s important that you call a pool expert at Pool Specialists, as water heaters are dangerous to work with and should only be handled by professionals.

4. Pool Filter system

Suspect a leak in your pool filter? Is it not filter like it should? Think that it could be clogged? These are all common problems with pool filter systems. Have a Raleigh Pool Technician from Pool Specialists come and diagnose the problem, as we can repair or replace your pool filter system.

5. Automatic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners are helpful for continuously vacuuming your pool floor and keeping it free of dirt, algae, and other debris. If your pool cleaner moves slowly or doesn’t move at all, or if you’ve noticed problems with the hose, it is possible your pool cleaner may need to be replaced or have some minor repairs done. The Pool Technicians at Pool Specialists are trained to repair Zodiac and Pentair cleaners.

Broken Pool? It's no problem for Pool Specialists

The team at Pool Specialists is experienced in maintaining your pool’s system as well as repairing any pool problem that might come up. For a free quote regarding a repair or installation service,