Vinyl Liner Replacement

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New inground vinyl liner replacements include the following:

  • New skimmer faceplates and gaskets
  • New return faceplates and directional eyeballs
  • New VGB compliant drain covers. Federal law mandates VGB compliant dual main drains at the time of the liner change. Additional charge applies to convert from single main drain to dual main drains.
  • Remove and discard old liner
  • Prepare the steel walls by cleaning, scraping and painting over any rust spots
  • Re-trowel the bottom to smooth out any rough spots or wash-outs
  • Foam walls are available as an upgrade
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY on workmanship upon completion of the liner job and final payment.

  • Current pictures to text and/or email
  • Pool Dimensions – length, width, shallow depth, deep-end depth
  • Type of Stairs – Plastic or Vinyl

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